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Cosmetic dentistry is powerful; we see first-hand how patients walk taller and exude greater confidence following treatment at our office in Overland Park.  At Dentistry by Shane Nelson, DDS, we are privileged to facilitate these transformations in smiles and self-confidence. However, as a holistic and biological practitioner, Dr. Nelson takes cosmetic dental services to the next level. Our natural and comprehensive principles support treatments as conservative, safe, precise, gentle, and long-lasting as they are stunning and lifelike in their appearance. Enhanced or rebuilt teeth and tissues completed at our practice are indistinguishable in how they feel, look, and function from … Continue reading

Restore youthful vibrancy with range of cosmetic services at our dentist office in Overland Park, KS

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Dr. Shane Nelson has designed a practice that is built on a foundation of principles such as biomimetic dentistry. The satisfaction that our patients get from all dentistry services flows in some way from this approach. Particularly as it relates to our cosmetic dentist services, biomimetic dentistry at our office in Overland Park, KS supports the most natural design of the teeth and other structures. “Bio,” after all, refers to living tissues, whereas “mimetic” is in reference to “mimic,” or imitating the structure, function, and appearance of natural tissues. Due to our exacting approach to protecting and preserving natural structures, … Continue reading

Veneer Treatment for a Refreshed Smile in Overland Park KS

Porcelain Veneers for Crooked Teeth in Overland Park KS Area

If you have spent years being dissatisfied with your smile, porcelain veneers could be the option you are looking for. At Dr. Shane Nelson‘s dental offices in Overland Park, KS, we want our patients educated on all of the great dental options available to them. To find out what you need to know about porcelain veneers, continue reading. What Are Porcelain Veneers? Veneers are an excellent dental service that can completely transform your smile. A porcelain veneer is a porcelain covering placed to fit on the front of each tooth. The veneer will give the teeth an esthetically pleasing look. … Continue reading

Cosmetic Dental Services At “Dentistry By Shane Nelson, DDS”, Can Create Your Dream Smile

Cosmetic Dental Services At “Dentistry By Shane Nelson, DDS” Located In Overland Park, KS Area, Can Create Your Dream Smile

Dentistry By Shane Nelson, DDS provides many treatment options.  At Shane Nelson DDS in Overland Park, we believe our work should improve a patient’s appearance, oral hygiene, and overall health. Dental concerns such as tooth damage, decay, or even loss, are common occurrences. However, these issues can negatively affect an individual’s quality of life and self-esteem. Tooth damage, decay, and loss lead to a host of problems, including misalignment, jaw pain, headaches, and periodontal disease. As a result, we can resolve discomfort and improve the overall oral health of our patients. Improves Physical Appearance and Boosts Self-EsteemDentists encounter many misshapen, … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentist in Overland Park offers comprehensive dental care for patients

Cosmetic Dental Care at Dentistry by Shane Nelson DDS in Overland Park Area

Whether you are seeking a cosmetic dentist or a dentist in Overland Park who can provide general and preventive dental care, we strongly encourage you to learn about all that is offered with Dr. Shane Nelson. Every procedure is performed with aesthetics in mind, ensuring a natural and beautiful smile with each visit. What cosmetic dental services are available for patients? At Dentistry by Shane Nelson, DDS, we provide the following aesthetic treatment options for patients to consider to enhance their smiles: Professional teeth whitening – our practice stays away from laser, in-office whitening procedures that can cause more harm … Continue reading

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Cosmetic Dentist Overland at Dentistry by Shane Nelson DDS in Park KS Area

A smile can be your greatest asset. It is often the first feature that people notice when they meet you, and it can help show your personality and give insight into what you are thinking to your friends and family. Smiles, especially your own, should make you feel good, confident, and happy. If you find yourself critiquing your smile in the bathroom mirror, hiding your teeth behind a closed grin, or simply not smiling as often as you like, it may be time to think about finding a cosmetic dentist. When considering cosmetic dentistry, many patients in the Overland Park, … Continue reading

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What a discovery! Dr Nelson is very likely the best dentist you will ever find. His tools and techniques are state of the art, he's highly skilled and Dr Nelson is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have struggled with my smile ever since another dentist botched a procedure years ago. Dr Nelson has restored my faith in dentistry and is actively working on giving me the best smile I have ever had. VERY highly recommended!