How Fountain of Youth® dentures live up to their name: Better fit, greater comfort, unparalleled aesthetics

Fountain of Youth Dentures Near Me Overland Park KS Area

You have likely seen the reference to “GNM” dentistry on this website. GNM refers to “gneuromuscular,” a term advanced by Dr. Clayton Chan. The term is derived from “gnathology,” the relationship between teeth and jaw function when you bite down. It is also derived from “neuromuscular,” a reference to how the nerves and muscles function within this interconnected system.  Fountain of Youth® dentures live up to their name, as a youthful alternative to conventional tooth replacement, by accounting for the interconnected nature of the tissues that make up your mouth, face, and jaws. As a qualified provider of FOY®, Dentistry by … Continue reading

Dentures May Help You Feel Younger, Live Longer

Dentures May Help You Feel Younger, Live Longer

Not all of us feel as old as we are. There are a lot of factors that contribute to our perception of age, what scientists refer to as our “subjective age.” Dentures influence many of them, and, as a result, they may actually help you live longer, too. How the Right Dentures Can Help You Feel Younger Dentures can have a significant impact on how young or how old you feel. Culturally, just getting dentures can make you feel older, but not all dentures have the same effect. Some dentures enhance the sense of feeling old. Others can help you … Continue reading

Fountain of Youth® dentures; well worth the cost, an excellent investment in your well-being

Actual Cost Youth Dentures Near me in, Overland Park

At Dentistry by Shane Nelson, DDS, we have discovered the Fountain of Youth®. For those patients who are missing (or anticipate extraction of) an entire upper or lower set of teeth, FoY dentures are a great option to restore the appearance and functionality of your smile naturally. Since so many unique characteristics are associated with these dentures, it is essential to consider them a vital investment for your health and well-being. Plus, our practice in Overland Park is also privileged to offer financing through CareCredit™, which helps our patients pay for the out-of-pocket cost related to treatment to complete their … Continue reading

The search for superior dentures “near me in Overland Park” stops here: Discover Fountain of Youth® Dentures

Fountain of Youth Dentures Near Me Overland Park Area

A youthful, attractive face has defined contours. Skin is firm, free of severe laxity and wrinkles. While it may seem curious at first, we at Dentistry by Shane Nelson, DDS hold the keys to unlocking that young, vibrant visage: Fountain of Youth® Dentures. The difference is in the design There are more than 700 dentists in the Kansas City area. When searching for a “dentist near me in Overland Park,” we understand that you have a lot of options. However, Dr. Nelson is among the select few dentists that are certified to offer FOY® Dentures. In fact, he has additional … Continue reading

The Benefits of the Fountain of Youth Dentures in Overland Park, KS

The Benefits of the Fountain of Youth Dentures in Overland Park, KS Area

When individuals hear of full dentures, they often think of the unnatural-looking oral appliances their grandparents use. However, dentures have come a long way over time, thanks to continued advances in the area of dentistry. Dr. Shane Nelson is a dentist in Overland Park, KS, who is excited to offer alternative options for patients that look more natural, function better, and help maintain a patient’s youthful appearance. Fountain of Youth dentures are a highly desirable option with many benefits for patients who are in need of full smile replacement. What are Fountain of Youth dentures? What sets Fountain of Youth … Continue reading

Enjoy quality dentures for treatment of missing teeth in Overland Park, KS dental facility

Quality Dentures Treatment at Shane Nelson DDS in Overland Park KS Area

At the practice of Dr. Shane Nelson, we are pleased to provide our patients the best when it comes to innovative, natural-looking, and effective solutions for tooth loss. Overland Park, KS area patients who are seeking an effective treatment for missing teeth may find that our quality dentures are just the right solution! At Dentistry by Shane Nelson, we are excited to offer Fountain of Youth dentures. What are Fountain of Youth Dentures? Dr. Shane Nelson describes the Fountain of Youth dentures as one of the best quality, most comfortable alternatives to traditional dentures. When creating conventional dentures, patients will … Continue reading

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What a discovery! Dr Nelson is very likely the best dentist you will ever find. His tools and techniques are state of the art, he's highly skilled and Dr Nelson is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have struggled with my smile ever since another dentist botched a procedure years ago. Dr Nelson has restored my faith in dentistry and is actively working on giving me the best smile I have ever had. VERY highly recommended!