Patients suffering from dental decay, fractures, or infection may be used to dentists removing a large amount of tooth structure to restore the tooth to health, or even suggesting that the tooth be removed. With biomimetic dentistry, it does not have to be that way! Dr. Shane Nelson in Overland Park, KS uses biomimetic dental techniques to restore damaged teeth while conserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. 

What is biomimetic dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry is built upon principles found in nature to treat disease and pain. This natural dental treatment seeks to mimic your natural tooth structure and properties as much as possible when treating issues such as broken, diseased, or injured teeth. Its values preserving your natural tooth above other measures that can destroy healthy tissues, such as unnecessarily cutting down teeth for crowns. Examples of how Dr. Shane Nelson incorporates biomimetic dentistry into his practice include:

  • Treatment of cavities: Dr. Nelson removes a smaller portion of the natural tooth to prepare it for the filling, and uses biomimetic filling materials and techniques to create an ultra-strong, durable bond between the filling and the natural tooth to seal it and prevent further decay
  • Dental crowns: Instead of drastically cutting down teeth to prepare them for crowns, Dr. Nelson uses modern materials, methods, and adhesives to rebuild your natural tooth’s strength and resistance to decay and chewing forces, preventing further issues in the future such as cracks and breaks
  • Preventing the need for root canal treatment: By effectively sealing your tooth off from bacteria with biomimetic fillings, many patients’ teeth are resilient enough to ward off future root canal treatments due to infection

Improve your smile while keeping more of your natural teeth with biomimetic dentistry.

Biomimetic Dentistry with Dr. Shane Nelson
Watch this video to understand the flaws of traditional dentistry, which would cause pain and cost a lot over the long term. Biomimetic dentistry using advanced technologies enables more lasting solutions, leaving the teeth as close to their natural state as possible. Call Dr. Shane Nelson to learn more.

Just about everyone has experienced excruciating tooth pain and there’s no denying the fact that it can make people down right miserable. Unfortunately though, the traditional dental approach to fixing a toothache has a fundamental flaw. Generally, the first step is to drill away at the teeth in order to get rid of the decay, and then the dentist fills it in. The problem with this approach is that traditional white fillings have a tendency to shrink, which allows for further decay. When metal fillings are used there are risks of cracks. All in all, this just adds to more pain and money and less tooth to salvage. It basically leads you from a crown to a root canal to a bridge to dentures. After all of those procedures and thousands of dollars spent, you ask yourself, “Is there another way?” Thanks to biomimetic dentistry, the answer is yes.

With biomimetic dentistry, dentist will still x-ray the tooth and make a plan to repair it. Then he’ll use a combination of advanced technologies including special dyes and lasers to clean away any bacteria which leaves the tooth as close to its natural state as possible. After all of the decay is removed, the dentist uses a strong bonding on the tube to seal away bacteria. What’s great about the bonding is it mimics the biological structure of the tooth. It looks, feels, moves, and flexes like a natural tooth.

Biomimetic dentistry lets people improve their smiles while keeping more of their teeth and money. We’d love to serve you in your family. So call us now.

Why should I consider a biomimetic dentist?

One of the primary purposes of biomimetic dentistry is the ability to provide conservative treatment options that maintain as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. This helps preserve the natural tooth, reducing the risk of damaging the tooth or eliminating the natural parts which provide the strength and structure for the tooth to function at its best. It has been routinely found that maintaining the natural tooth and tooth structure is the best for the smile, and that the overuse of materials that are not biocompatible with the body can be detrimental to one’s oral health and wellness. Dr. Shane Nelson is proud to be a dentist who focuses on biocompatibility of materials with a biomimetic focus and approach to dental treatments.

Stop your pain and save your teeth today

Whether you are suffering from a broken tooth, have mild to advanced decay, or other issues, biomimetic dentistry can be used to help you keep as much of your natural tooth structure and function as possible while getting you out of pain.

We welcome patients from Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Mission, Lenexa, and surrounding communities to call us today and learn more about how biomimetic dentistry can enhance their oral health. Our office can be reached at (913) 297-7800 and is conveniently located at 7001 West 121st Street in Overland Park, KS.

Dr. Shane Nelson is a leading dentist in Overland Park
Dr. Shane Nelson is a leading dentist in Overland Park. He opened his private practice in January 2002 and has been serving the community for over two decades. Having pursued several courses in cosmetic, holistic, biomimetic, gneuromuscular, and laser dentistry, he shares his expertise with dentists from all over the world as a clinical instructor. Dr. Nelson is a SMART certified dentist and is one of the six accredited dentists in the entire state of Kansas.

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What a discovery! Dr Nelson is very likely the best dentist you will ever find. His tools and techniques are state of the art, he's highly skilled and Dr Nelson is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have struggled with my smile ever since another dentist botched a procedure years ago. Dr Nelson has restored my faith in dentistry and is actively working on giving me the best smile I have ever had. VERY highly recommended!