Facial orthotropics is an area of dentistry that often goes unnoticed. The face grows from childhood into adulthood, and when there are postural changes, the jaw area may take a hit during the growth phase. Certain concerns may include abnormal swallowing patterns, incorrect sleep posture, or mouth breathing. These can result in facial changes that impact the appearance and function of the jaw and mouth. Because of this, it is important that patients consider the benefits of facial orthotropics treatment with Dr. Shane Nelson of Overland Park, Kansas.

Facial orthotropics for adults and children

Orthotropics is an area of dentistry that focuses on the early prevention of jaw growth problems, as well as interception in the adult years for patients who were unable to receive treatment when they were younger. This biological approach to pulling back the jaw to correct imperfections and misalignment is an effective way to address these negative facial changes. Patients who have overbites, underbites, and crossbites may benefit from undergoing facial orthotropics with a trained and skilled dental provider in the community.

What happens if facial growth problems are not addressed?

Without treatment, children and adults may grow to experience problems such as:

  • Neck and head pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Airway issues contributing to snoring and obstructive sleep apnea
  • An ill-defined chin and jaw
  • Misalignment of the teeth in the dental arch

How does orthotropics work?

Patients use both oral appliances and training braces to help reposition the jaw area through various stages of treatment. During this time, patients will see gradual improvements in the alignment of their jaw and even noticeable facial structure changes thanks to the orthotropic treatment.

How much does orthotropics cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on several factors, including the severity of the problems being treated. To receive an accurate quote, patients should book an evaluation with Dr. Shane Nelson at his practice. 

Understanding facial orthotropics treatment in Overland Park, Kansas

If you are considering facial orthotropic treatment with a dental professional in the community, call Dentistry by Shane Nelson DDS for a consultation appointment. The office is located at 7001 West 121st Street in Overland Park, Kansas, and accepts new patients and families who call (913) 297-7800 for an appointment. We encourage patients to take a proactive approach to their oral health and wellness with regular visits to the dentist, especially for concerns regarding orthotropics.

Dr. Shane Nelson is a leading dentist in Overland Park
Dr. Shane Nelson is a leading dentist in Overland Park. He opened his private practice in January 2002 and has been serving the community for over two decades. Having pursued several courses in cosmetic, holistic, biomimetic, gneuromuscular, and laser dentistry, he shares his expertise with dentists from all over the world as a clinical instructor. Dr. Nelson is a SMART certified dentist and is one of the six accredited dentists in the entire state of Kansas.

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