Biomimetic Dentistry!

By Dr. Shane Nelson

Restore your damaged teeth without compromising your natural tooth structure with

Biomimetic Dentistry, as the name suggests, mimics your natural tooth structure in treating damaged teeth.

It addresses your dental issue before extensive damage to help preserve the natural tooth as much as possible.

If you want to preserve your natural tooth, your best bet is to consider a biomimetic dentist like  Dr. Shane Nelson.

He provides traditional treatments and uses biocompatible materials to restore damaged or decayed teeth.

Dr. Nelson is incredibly knowledgeable with all areas of dentistry.  He has always made me feel comfortable, which has dramatically helped to lower my anxiety level when it comes to routine cleanings.  I have had a great experience with him as my dentist for the last 10 years.  I would put 6 stars but they won't let me. 😁


We are so grateful to patients like Mark, who has been loyal to us for 10 years. Seeing them find comfort through our treatments keeps us going!

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