Technological advances are continuously being made in every aspect of our lives. At Shane Nelson DDS in Overland Park, Kansas, we believe in investing in technologies that will enhance not only the quality of the dental care we are able to provide for our patients but also our patients’ comfort. That is why we have equipped our office with the LightScalpel CO2 laser, a revolutionary new technology that enables us to treat tongue and lip ties quickly and comfortably.

Tongue and lip ties explained

Tongue ties and lip ties are common congenital conditions that involve tight bands of tissue that restrict the movement of the oral structures.

  • Tongue tie: People with tongue ties have a short, tight band of tissue called the frenulum that attaches the tip of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This can interfere with breastfeeding, speaking, and eating.
  • Lip tie: A lip tie tethers the upper lip to the gums and can often occur in patients who also have a tongue tie.

In addition to not being able to move their lip or tongue properly when eating and speaking, patients with lip or tongue ties can also experience issues with tooth spacing, dental decay, digestive problems, and proper airflow while breathing.

The good news is that tongue and lip ties can be treated with a procedure called a frenectomy, which is quick and comfortable when performed with our LightScalpel CO2 laser.

Laser treatment for tongue and lip ties

The traditional treatment for tongue and lip ties involved using a scalpel, which was painful and required more intensive aftercare for proper healing. With the use of the LightScalpel CO2 laser, however, we can quickly cut the problematic band of tissue with the laser. This laser simultaneously sterilizes and cauterizes the tissue, greatly minimizing the risk of bleeding and infection and ensuring a more comfortable experience. We prioritize your child’s comfort by always using an anesthetic for every tongue-tie and lip-tie release procedure.

Tongue and lip tie treatment can be performed on infants and children after the issue is detected and can even be performed on adults who may not have ever been properly diagnosed with a tongue or lip tie. Dr. Nelson is experienced in identifying the condition based on a visual evaluation and assessment of you or your child’s symptoms and will recommend whether laser frenectomy treatment is needed. He will take the time to explain the procedure to you so you know what to expect and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Dr. Shane Nelson is a leading dentist in Overland Park
Dr. Shane Nelson is a leading dentist in Overland Park. He opened his private practice in January 2002 and has been serving the community for over two decades. Having pursued several courses in cosmetic, holistic, biomimetic, gneuromuscular, and laser dentistry, he shares his expertise with dentists from all over the world as a clinical instructor. Dr. Nelson is a SMART certified dentist and is one of the six accredited dentists in the entire state of Kansas.

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